Loftus Peak Global Change Portfolio Performance and Newsletters

1. The net of fees returns presented in this graph are cumulative on A$100,000 invested in Loftus Peak Global Change Portfolio relative to the MSCI All Countries World Index (net) (as expressed in AUD from Bloomberg). Returns are calculated using the portfolio’s month end value, include the combined income and capital return and assume reinvestment of dividends.

Performance Summary as at 31 March 2024*

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1m3m6m 1y3y p.a.5y p.a.8y p.a.Inception p.a.
(30 June 2014)
Portfolio (net-of-fees)-4.62%+4.52%+32.15%+52.47%+12.22%+16.57%+19.64%+18.14%
Index -2.79%+5.75%+17.04%+19.82%+10.45%+11.28%+12.37%+12.08%
Outperformance (net-of-fees)-1.83%-1.23%+15.11%+32.66%+1.77%+5.28%+7.28%+6.06%

*Manager estimated returns. The Portfolio Benchmark is the MSCI All Countries World Index (net) (as expressed in AUD from Bloomberg). Portfolio Inception date is 30/06/14. All returns are shown to two decimal places. Returns for the periods more than one year are annualised. Total returns include realised and unrealised gains. Valuations are computed and performance reported in Australian dollars. Net-of-fees performance returns are presented after management and performance fees. Returns are based on the theoretical performance of a portfolio which implemented the Model Portfolio based on simplifying assumptions and stock weightings. Actual individual returns of each client’s portfolio will differ depending on factors such as date of initial investment, timing of transactions, contributions and withdrawals, fees and any customisations. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and may not be achieved in the future. Each client should also take into account their own taxation situations. All information provided in this Report is correct as at the date of this Report.