Loftus Peak awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at Financial Newswire’s Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2022

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The Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund was awarded “highly commended” as runner up in the highly competitive Global Equities – Large Cap category, at Financial Newswire’s Fund Manager of the Year Event in September. At the same event, Loftus Peak’s Anshu Sharma was given a Star Manager award in recognition of his role as Portfolio Manager of the Fund.

These results vindicate our investment approach at Loftus Peak – a future focused approach, with an emphasis on quality, risk and valuation which has been instrumental in helping us deliver strong investment returns to our investors.

We would also like to thank the investors who have supported us and our investment approach.

More about the Financial Newswire/SQM Research Awards:

Star Manager Methodology:

The FNW’s star manager status recognises the performance and consistency of fund managers who outperform their peers and have consequently gained a notable reputation. To determine the ratings, SQM Research looks at a manager’s ability to create risk-adjusted alpha, outperformance in both rising and falling markets, and those who consistently beat their benchmarks.

The research house developed a list of the Top 10 of Australia’s managers by evaluating 3-year track records across 500-600 funds with a minimum fund size of $30 million. The methodology focuses on growth-oriented funds with good risk-adjusted returns. The filtering process reduces the starting universe of over 10,000 funds down to a subset that will typically be in the range of about 500-600 funds.

Fund Manager of the Year Methodology:

For the 2022 inaugural Fund Manager of the Year awards with Financial Newswire, SQM Research has collated performance data on well over 10,000 active funds. As SQM Research is a believer in performance over time taking into account the risks, data was initially collated and sorted on an equal weighting combination of three-year annualised returns and three-year Sharpe ratios (risk adjusted returns).

A final list of ten funds for each category was then derived. Data was collated through to April 2022.

Finalists were then chosen from the top ten in each category based on the best Sharpe ratio. Where performance was close between two or more funds, the total return was considered as well as any relative rating with SQM Research. Where returns are not easily available, such as for some alternative funds/ETFs, SQM Research has used its current ratings as a guide. The emerging funds category was based on annualised returns plus the Sharpe ratio over two years.

Finalists for the Fund Manager of the Year were based on the frequency of products that made the initial top ten list of each category.

The overall winner was based on a scoring of how many winners/commended categories plus finalist positions the fund manager held via its funds.

More about Financial Newswire/SQM Research:

Financial Newswire is dedicated to bringing breaking news to active participants in the Australian financial services industry including financial advisers, family offices, superannuation trustees accountants, insurers, fintech providers, fund managers and investment professionals.

SQM Research is an investment research house which specialises in providing accurate research and data to financial institutions, investment professionals and investors. It is founded and run by one of the country’s most recognised and respected property analysts, Louis Christopher, whose objective, candid and honest approach to the real estate market is one of the foundations on which SQM Research has been built on.  From its core beginnings in residential property market data, SQM Research has grown to cover research on all asset classes.

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