We need to talk about Snapchat

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By Alex Pollak – Chief investment officer – Loftus Peak What next for Snapchat? After a disastrous earnings call, the stock fell 25% and came within 25c of breaching its issue price of US$17. Those that didn’t take the opportunity, brief though it was, to sell at US$24 might be … Read More

Knowledge networks, and how they work

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By Anshu Sharma, Portfolio Manager and Analyst, Loftus Peak Amazon and Google, two of the world’s top ten biggest listed companies, jumped around 4% in the aftermarket on the back of above-market quarterly revenue numbers released overnight; they showed organic growth of 23% and 22% respectively. These numbers are significant, … Read More

Amazon brings its “Flywheel” to Australia

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amazon coming

By Alex Pollak, Chief Investment Officer, Loftus Peak Amazon in the past 24 hours has confirmed it will launch a full scale retail offering in Australia – it is now calling for local retailers to join its global marketplace as part of the launch, having already briefed CB Richard Ellis … Read More

The bull case for Tesla

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Tesla chassis, including motor and power plant: The reduction in the number of parts for the electric car dramatically increases the profitability

Tesla blew through car production expectations this quarter – it had made just over 25,000 vehicles by 31 March – putting it on track to make 500,000 cars by 2018, according to the major shareholder, Elon Musk. The stock price is up 28% since the beginning of 2017, as the … Read More

PSD2 – the slow burn on bank valuations

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banks pressure

Not really discussed in all the coverage on fintech in Australia is the impact of the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) in the UK and Europe, forcing banks there to open their platforms to non-bank service providers from next year. PSD2 will break these banks’ monopoly on their users’ data. It … Read More

Why the ‘technology eats jobs’ argument is wrong

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Adrian Turner nailed it yesterday at the AFR Summit, saying that 40 per cent of Australia’s jobs will disappear in 10 years. “The fourth industrial revolution is under way and the winners will be so far ahead of the losers, Australia has no choice but to pivot to the new … Read More

Global managers – looking for love in all the wrong places

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If you were to look quickly, the ups and downs of reporting season would suggest that things are pretty much the same, or even slightly better. This isn’t so. Telstra has just reported its first ever mobile revenue drop – something we flagged here two years ago, which caused a … Read More

Apple rallies as the story fades

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The Apple price has popped almost 39% in the past year, including 10% in the days around the result a couple of weeks ago. This has less to do with the underlying numbers, which actually weren’t that great (more on that later) and more to do with the building excitement … Read More

Can Trump Disrupt Disruption?

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Markets rallied on the back of the Trump victory, and probably correctly in the near term as the US will almost certainly commit to a series of expensive infrastructure projects to re-energise the mining industries and even possibly build a wall on the Mexican border. However ill-advised the spending targets, it … Read More