China takes the BAT to FANG

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Just a few days ago, Alibaba Group, the Chinese on-line retailer, came within 1% of being the world’s most valuable retailer – with a market capitalisation of U$473b, its value was just US$4b lower than that of Amazon. Alibaba has been on a tear this year – it is up … Read More

The trouble with index investing

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The Name of the Rose is Umberto Eco’s masterpiece whodunit set in a 14th century monastery (bags of sex and grisly violence with some serious semiotics thrown in). The last line of the book, which is a reference to the title, has been translated from the Italian as “Yesterday’s rose … Read More

Netflix share price falls 12% as competition increases

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By Alex Pollak, CIO Loftus Peak Strike one for Netflix was the news that Disney will no longer supply programming from the end of 2019. Strike two happened late last week when several credible sources reported than Apple had committed to spending US$1b on original programming in 2018. Disney followed … Read More

Uber: The network effect, in reverse

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By Alex Pollak, CIO Loftus Peak   Do not expect Uber to right itself now that CEO Travis Kalanick has “resigned.” The company’s problems run far deeper, and the story has far from played out. Case in point: Kalanick’s is the resignation that isn’t. He states that he has ‘accepted … Read More

Why value investing isn’t what it used to be

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By Alex Pollak, CIO Loftus Peak From the Australian Financial Review Now is the time to be extremely wary of value investments. The unprecedented change we are living through means that the risks of value investing have never been higher. Here’s why: In a simplified world, there are two kinds … Read More

Crunch time for Australian bank investors?

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Read the piece as written by Phil Baker in the AFR on 6 May 2017 here OR read the original written by Alex Pollak below Fund managers are closing shop (Altair), calling the top (Kelly) and selling out (Hunter Hall). In the five months since January 1, the Australian market has picked … Read More

We need to talk about Snapchat

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By Alex Pollak – Chief investment officer – Loftus Peak What next for Snapchat? After a disastrous earnings call, the stock fell 25% and came within 25c of breaching its issue price of US$17. Those that didn’t take the opportunity, brief though it was, to sell at US$24 might be … Read More

Knowledge networks, and how they work

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By Anshu Sharma, Portfolio Manager and Analyst, and Alex Pollak, Loftus Peak. Apple jumped around 4% on the back of above-market quarterly revenue numbers and a stock repurchase which over time will be US$200b; while the Amazon share price now sits around US$1500 – five times what it was three … Read More