Loftus Peak in the AFR: The death of Moore’s Law (20th July 2018)

Alex PollakPress

Key takeaways from Loftus Peak’s feature in the Australian Financial Review:

  • The death of Moore’s Law (the idea that with time more transistors can be packed onto the one chip to increase speed) will see a shift from CPUs (Central Processing Unit) to GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit)
  • The land grab for global computing in data centres is beginning and GPU makers (Nvidia, AMD), not CPU makers (like Intel), will be the beneficiaries given its hardware will lead to 10-fold increases in processing speed.
  • Loftus Peak is focusing on these trends, which it plays through companies such as Amazon and others.

To learn how to invest in the Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund, which provides exposure to these trends, click here.

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