Loftus Peak features in AFR’s ‘Best funds of 2023’

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Below is an extract from Joshua Peach’s article “Best funds of 2023 stick with bitcoin, big tech bets” which was originally published in the Australian Financial Review on 19 January 2024. For the original article, please click here.

The article discusses the artificial intelligence (AI) rally that Loftus Peak has been benefitting from. In the article, Joshua quotes Loftus Peak’s CIO Alex Pollak as saying how Loftus Peak has long been “focusing on finding technology-led disruptors”, highlighting that this has “placed the Fund in a strong position”. And further, that Alex cements his conviction in this investment space being, “conscious that generative AI was in the wings, but it’s bigger than even we thought.”

Pollak concludes his stance on AI, noting “What you’re going to see this year is mass adoption of AI by corporates, governments, educational institutions, etc”.

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