Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund

The products we all use, like Apple phones and Google search, are produced by some of the best performing companies on world stock markets. With 32% per annum net performance since inception, Loftus Peak curates a portfolio of these companies, which you can buy on the Australian Stock Exchange under the code LOF01.

Loftus Peak is a global fund manager with a focus on investing in listed disruptive businesses. Our extensive experience of successfully investing in disruptive businesses brings significant discipline to the investment process.

1. The net of fees returns presented in this graph are cumulative on A$100,000 invested in Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund relative to the MSCI All Countries World Index (net) (as expressed in AUD from Bloomberg). Returns are calculated using the fund's month end value, include the combined income and capital return and assume reinvestment of dividends.

The fund holdings include large capitalisation names such as Apple, Google and Alibaba, constructed on the basis of strict criteria, to give exposure to some of the best and fastest growing companies in the world at carefully determined valuations. This kind of geographical and sectoral diversification lowers the concentration risk inherent in the typical Australian portfolio, with its heavy skew toward banks, resources and the Australian dollar. The Fund is a registered managed investment scheme.

Performance Summary as at 31 August 2018*

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1m3m6m 1y3y p.a.Inception p.a.
Fund (Net) 1+7.26%+10.64%+13.60%+32.13%-+31.93%
Index 2+4.29%+8.71%+10.73%+22.90%-+20.30%
Value Added (Net) 3+2.97%+1.93%+2.87%+9.24%-+11.63%

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Inception date: 16th November 2016. Source for performance: Loftus Peak. 1. Net-of-fees performance is based on end-of-month redemption prices after the deduction of fees and expenses and the reinvestment of all distributions.Figures include changes in principal value. Investment return and principal value will vary, and an account may be worth more or less at termination than at inception. For further details, please refer to each fund’s product disclosure statement and reference guide. 2.The index for the fund is MSCI All Countries World Index (net) as expressed in AUD from Bloomberg. 3.The Value Added is shown as the Fund (Net) minus its Index.

Monthly Updates And Performance

Key Features

Feature Details
Product Sponsor Equity Trustees Limited
Product Type Registered Managed Investment Scheme domiciled in Australia
Investment Universe Listed Global Equities
Benchmark MSCI All Countries World Index (net) (as expressed in AUD from Bloomberg)
Number Of Investments 15-35
Minimum Cash Allocation 1%
Maximum Cash Allocation 50%
Suggested time frame 3-5 years
Inception Date (for Loftus Peak as Manager) 15/11/2016
Minimum Investment AU$5,000
Liquidity Daily
Pricing Frequency Daily
Withdrawal Notice Generally, notifications received before 2pm on a business day will be processed using the unit price effective for that day.
Distributions Paid annually as at 30 June
Annual Management Costs 1.20% per annum (inc. GST)
Performance Related Fee 15% in excess of the hurdle return with a high watermark payable six monthly as at 30 June and 31 December each year

This is general information which does not take account of your particular objectives, financial circumstances or needs. You should consider the Fund’s offering document in deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, the product.