Alex Pollak: CEO, CIO and Founder

With 25 years experience in disruptive business models gained during a career with Macquarie Bank, Alex heads one of the best-performing teams in disruptive investment in Australia.

He was instrumental in bringing both Seek and to the Australian stock market. His deep knowledge of investment and global change companies means you are ideally placed to benefit financially from the movements in technology which are daily changing the face of markets.

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Anshu Sharma: Portfolio Manager

Anshu started his career in the Global disruption investing almost a decade ago at TechInvest. This was followed by a Portfolio Manager and a TMT Analyst responsibility for Asia region at Eight Investment Partners.

Being mentored by the best in this space early on in his career and having extensively travelled in Asia to meet hundreds of companies, Anshu brings a wealth of experience to investing globally.

He has a M.Com from University of New South Wales and a B.Com (Hons) from Delhi University. Also, he holds CIPM® certificate and Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

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Rick Steele: Director

Drawing on more than 30 years in funds management and government, Rick is a board member of Loftus Peak, with specialty focus on governance and compliance.

After a successful career in the Australian Treasury, Rick entered the financial markets as the Chief Economist at Prudential Assurance (Prudential). He then moved into investment management as a portfolio manager at Prudential, specialising in fixed income and foreign exchange. Rick went on to hold similar positions at BT Funds Management (BT) and Morgan Grenfell Australia.

Rick was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the institutional asset management business at BT, and CEO of TechInvest. Rick is currently CEO of Eight Investment Partners.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Economics with Honours from the University of Tasmania; a Master of Economics from the Australian National University; and is a Senior Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

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Paul Davis: Research Director

Paul is one of Australia’s most experienced investors in listed global change companies. He was the founder of, Australia’s first internet service provider, as well as the founder of E*TRADE Australia, which was sold to ANZ for over $400 million.

With Ashley Young, he co-founded TechInvest, which was one of the best performing managers of technology in Australia.

He began his career in Silicon Valley (having worked there in the 90’s) after completing his BSc (Mech Eng) at Stanford, the University which provided the grounding for some of technology’s finest (and most profitable) businesses.

As Research Director, he is ideally placed to spot key industry trends and macro themes. He has an MBA and holds Chartered Financial Analyst ® designation.

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