Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund Available on ASX (ASX Code: LPGD)

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The Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund may be accessed on the ASX as an active Exchange Traded Managed Fund (“active ETF”), as well as directly with the Fund Registry.

  • With just one trade on the ASX you can effectively invest in around 15 to 35 global companies that we believe will shape your future.
  • There is no minimum investment and no complicated and lengthy paperwork.
  • All you require is a stockbroking account.

The “dual registry” structure was the first of its kind in Australia to be applied to a fund investing in global shares, and is proving very popular with investors, and other funds are following our lead. By retaining the Fund’s open-ended structure, it operates without discounts or premiums to NAV, unlike listed investment companies (LICs) which are closed ended.

The price at which an investor will transact in the Fund on the ASX will be based on the Indicative NAV (“iNAV”). The iNAV reflects the real time movements in stock markets and currencies during the ASX Trading Day and, for securities not trading during the ASX Trading Day, listed proxy instruments. The iNAV represents the best estimate of the value per unit in the Fund throughout the trading day. The iNAV calculation is performed by Solactive AG and then provided to Macquarie Securities (Australia) Limited, the market maker which acts as an agent of the Fund.

For more information about key differences in how investors can transact in the Fund, please see the Summary Comparison – transacting on a Securities Exchange or with the Administrator in the Product Disclosure Statement at page 7.

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