Disruption? It’s happening

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Disruption, its happening

By Alex Pollak and Anshu Sharma, CIO and PM at Loftus Peak. Below are the top ten listed companies by market capitalisation in 2007, and today. Look at how the top ten has changed. Two of the firms on the list are Chinese – for example Tencent, now valued at … Read More

Monthly Investor Letter September 2014 | Loftus Peak Performance

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Investor Letter September 2014

Performance The representative portfolio returned +4.91% (Loftus Peak estimate before fees) for the month of September 2014. This compares with benchmark return of +3.41% (MSCI AC W orld Net Total Return Index in Australian dollar terms). Loftus Peak Thematic Overview The market in established global disruption names in which Loftus … Read More

Loftus Peak Global Change Portfolio Performance

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Loftus Peak Performance

Performance Summary as at 30 November 2016^ *The Portfolio Benchmark is the MSCI ACWI (net) (as expressed in AUD from Bloomberg). Returns for the periods more than one year are annualised. ^Returns are calculated net of management, performance, administration/ custody and transaction fees, but excluding any adviser fees from the … Read More

Here are all the things you are not being told

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Chapter 2 of Retirement, investment and Blue-chips: What you really must understand Here are all the things you are not being told Invest a million dollars. Borrow $750,000. Salary sacrifice. Get a tax break of $100k. The surprising thing is that this money is your money. It’s not actually large, in … Read More